Data Cabling

Data Cabling is a broad term which describes the running of data cables for a computer network environment, telecommunications equipment such as an office phone system, or other types of cable such as coaxial cable.

Data Cabling can be subdivided into, and is often synonymous with, Network Cabling and Fiber Optic Cabling, since “Data” is a general term which may include networks and fiber optics.

Data Cabling often comes into play in a business environment when it comes to planning new office space, an office move, or the acquisition of a new network server or phone system. At DigiComm, our team of data cabling installers will determine how much cabling is needed, and how best to run it so it accomplishes its task, and at the same time not leaving unsightly cables sticking out of walls or clumsily running over base boards or ceilings.

Installing data cable requires experience in running cable through ceiling panels and walls in such a way that the end result is neat and clean, so the office visitors and employees are often unaware that the cable even exists.