Sonos Shelf for One and Play1


Sonos Shelf for One and Play:1
Create a designated place for your Sonos One or Play:1 with this space-saving shelf.

Shelf opens to store and hide speaker’s power cable
Reversible design so speaker can be oriented left or right
Supports the weight of speaker and secures it in place
Colour perfectly matched to Sonos One
Made from high-quality materials
Featuring the same colour, material, and finish as Sonos One, Shelf becomes an extension of the speaker, feeling more like an elegant home furnishing than a utilitarian tech accessory.Shelf opens up new placement for your speaker, such as above the countertop or in the bathroom. Plus it’s reversible, so you can orient your speaker to either the left or right.Shelf’s interior hides the speaker power cable and a wraparound solution for excess slack, ensuring your space stays clean and clutter free.Shelf creates a designated space for your speaker and a small, everyday object such as your keys, phone, or even an Amazon Echo Dot or Google Home Mini.